[video/mp3] Girls - "Lust For Life"

I didn’t think a more unimaginative album title would come along this year, but Girls have gone and outdone Wilco and their album-naming nadir. Album officially drops this week from Matador, though between the previously released singles, unbearable hype, and long time leak of the, er, album called album you are probably familiar with at least a few of the songs. So Much Silence had a great write up about Girls that pretty much nails my general feeling - check that out here. Regardless, “Lust For Life” is a skewed, weirdo-pop gem and the obvious first single (it‘s been out there a while. I tacked it onto my February mixtape way back in, you guessed it, February and I was probably late to the game even then). Other than that though I’m just sinking my teeth into the rest of Album tonight for the first time…well, except for “Hellhole Ratrace”. If you haven’t heard that yet

MP3 :: Lust For Life
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