J. Tillman - Year In The Kingdom

With the release of Year In The Kingdom J. Tillman has done what few modern recording artists ever still attempt - he’s released 2 full length records in 1 calendar year. Vacilando Territory Blues is barely 9 months old, yet here he is dropping another set of new songs on us that is very nearly as captivating as the first. Vacilando Territory Blues, as I’ve made no secret of, is a true sentimental favorite - I first heard it just days before the birth of my twins back in February and it went on to soundtrack the first few weeks of their lives. It will forever be inextricably linked to the happiest time of my life. Year In The Kingdom sounds a lot like a continuation of that album’s general aesthetic (though there is nothing quite as jarring here as the Crazy Horse-conjuring “New Imperial Grand Blues”). Tillman’s sparse, beautiful songs are just as harrowing as ever, yet more often on Year In The Kingdom receive subtle flourishes (keyboards, dulcimer, etc.) to give them just that little something extra. If you’re a fan of hushed, elegant folk music and you’ve to this point missed out on Tillman’s solo work (he’s now the drummer in Fleet Foxes) be sure to check this out - his songs are truly diamonds in the rough.

MP3 :: Earthly Bodies
Stream :: Crosswinds / Howling Light
(from Year In The Kingdom. Buy here)

MP3 :: James Blues
MP3 :: Steel On Steel
(from Vacilando Territory Blues. Buy here)

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