Just call An Aquarium Drunkard butter, because they’ve been on a roll lately. Blatantly bad jokes aside, AAD are 3 for 3 with their recent in-depth interviews with the indie-world’s top rockers. Last week they got spoke to Craig Finn of The Hold Steady (in 2 parts! - here and here), and Canadian songwriter Hayden (here). Today it’s Centro-Matic’s Will Johnson (what are you waiting for) who just released another solid album, Dual Hawks. The best part - Johnson spills the beans on an album he and Jason Molina did together that will likely be released sometime in early 2009!

MP3 :: I, The Kite
MP3 :: Trust To Lose
(from Dual Hawks. Buy here. AAD are hosting 2 more mp3s with the interview)

After months of no activity it’s nice to see Marathon Packs back as a regular active blog. Eric’s always got insightful things to say about music and culture, and now he’s hosting a very generous mix of his favorite tracks (The Mid-Term Mix) so far of 2008. You can download it as a ZIP with individual files or as one long 60+ minute track. Either way, it’s full of great stuff, about half that I already know and half that I didn’t.

And I Am Fuel You Are Friends has the trailer for the 2007 Joe Strummer documentary The Future Is Unwritten, as well as an mp3 from Strummer’s pre-Clash band, The 101ers.

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