[mp3] The Second Band - "No Song"

It’s been a few months since I’ve mentioned The Second Band, one of Sweden‘s finest purveyors of indie-pop. Earlier this year came their first full length, The Definite Form, on Orange Grammofon, after a series of very solid EPs. That record saw the band expand on it’s “Americana-with-an-accent” style to good effect - exploring some of their homeland’s tendency for orchestrated dream-pop and addictive vocal melodies.

The band recently recorded a new song and have decided to give it away for free on their website. “No Song” poses the question “what’s the point of making music no one listens to?” - and proceeds to subvert, as the title suggests, it’s own intentions as a piece of music altogether. They may be “nothing especially original - just another Swedish indie band made up of hetero, middle class guys” but they certainly know their way around a song that’s catchy as all hell.

MP3 :: No Song
(recently released for free via their website)

MP3 :: The Urgency Of Now
MP3 :: The Future
(from The Definite Form. Buy here)

MP3 :: What’s Up, Tiger Lily?
MP3 :: A Song I Can’t Recall
(from early EPs. Highly Recommended! Buy here)

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