New Music - Forest Fire

In what will no doubt be remembered as “The Radiohead Method”, letting the public decide how much your album is worth is fast becoming a widely used marketing strategy among bands of all levels. The latest label to attempt this very progressive method of distribution is Catbird Records, of the music blog The Catbirdseat. They have made Brooklyn-based Forest Fire’s new album, Survival, available through a plethora of ways and means, including a pay what you want option that allows you to download for free. That’s nice of them, but quite unnecessary, as Survival is an impressive little weird-folk record with several striking highlights that deserves to rake in some coin. My favorite track so far is “Slow Motion” - a buzzing, fractured folk song that is easily among the best new music I’ve heard in some time. Cut the Velvet’s “Heroin” in half and turn it into a campfire sing along and you’re getting close. Worth checking out, and certainly worth a few of your hard earned dollars.

MP3 :: Slow Motion
MP3 :: Survival
(from Survival. Buy here)

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