[mp3] Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - "Buriedfed"

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson’s name has been everywhere lately -- and seriously, who could forget it? There is a tremendous amount of letters. The 24-year-old Brooklyn singer/songwriter recorded his self-titled album with help from members of Grizzly Bear - but don’t worry, from what I’ve heard it’s not at all pretentiously artsy or impossibly dull like Yellow House. Yes, I did just say what you think I said.

I’m really digging this song “Buriedfed” that’s been going around the past week or two. Don’t ask me what the title means, but the slow building barroom folk is augmented by some excellent lyrics (curses, yay!) and Robinson’s charmingly disaffected vocal style to create a fully engrossing listening experience.

MP3 :: Buriedfed
(from Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson. Buy here)

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Wayne said...

His album is superb. As good as anything I have heard this year.