New Music - The Low Low's

The Low Low’s are set to release their new record, Shining Violence, this August via Misra. Their version of The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Modern Romance” was already one of my favorite June songs. The album contains it and 8 other tracks in what looks like it's going to be one of the summer’s best. “Modern Romance” is a good place to start, but the rest of these songs are just as good - the band excels at combining sweeping, desert sky indie-rock with droning guitar noise and three-part harmonies. Imagine a night time jam session on your back porch with elements of Giant Sand and Mazzy Star’s druggy Americana and My Bloody Valentine’s white noise and you’re getting very warm.

MP3 :: Modern Romance
(from Shining Violence. Info here)

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Justin Snow said...

That is a pretty fantastic cover. I look forward to hearing the album when it comes out.