New Music - The Avett Brothers

The Avett Brothers are at the fore of young bands continuing the folk tradition - last year’s Emotionalism was an underappreciated gem that mixed traditional American music with punk rock attitude and Beatle-esque harmony. When I came across “Murder In The City” from their new EP (The Second Gleam, sequel to their first EP, The Gleam) I had a feeling I’d be hearing the band attempt a song from one of the great sub-genres of folk music - the murder ballad. Alas, no such luck - the song starts off the Avetts actually asking for a loved one to not risk getting “locked away” by seeking revenge if the singer is murdered in the city. It turns into a poignant rumination on family - a delicate and thoughtful ballad that is practically the opposite of what the title suggests. Very good song indeed.

MP3 :: Murder In The City
(from The Second Gleam. Buy here)

The Second Gleam ends a successful run between the band and Ramseur Records, as the boys have jumped ship and gone to American/Columbia. They are currently working on their next full length with producer Rick Rubin. Here are some tracks from their past few releases:

MP3 :: Will You Return?
(from Emotionalism. Buy here)

MP3 :: Matrimony
(from Four Thieves Gone. Buy here)

MP3 :: If It’s The Beaches
(from The Gleam. Buy here)

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