A.C. Newman - Get Guilty

If you get the chance to listen to something other than Merriweather Post Pavilion anytime soon, I’d recommend checking out the upcoming solo album from A.C. Newman, Get Guilty. I’ve enjoyed everything he’s done with his primary band - The New Pornographers - very much, though felt Challengers fell a bit flat after the brilliant run of Mass Romantic, Electric Version, The Slow Wonder (his solo debut) and Twin Cinema. No such worries with his latest. Get Guilty is a fine return to form and a welcome addition to a catalog overflowing with many of the catchiest songs of the new millennium.

Get Guilty has a baker’s dozen new shimmering power-pop sing-alongs. I posted the first glimpse, leadoff track “There Are Maybe Ten Or Twelve”, a few months back and I’m still saying it’s among Newman’s prettiest songs. The rest of Get Guilty is equally endearing - full of songs that house instantly enjoyable melodies that are subtle enough to blossom in your head with repeat plays. Check for yourself - Matador has released a slightly edited version of “Submarines of Stockholm” as a free download.

MP3 :: Submarines of Stockholm
(from Get Guilty. Pre-order here or see below)

You can also pre-order Get Guilty if you head over to Insound, where you'll receive an exclusive t-shirt designed by Sydney Vermont (who designed the album covers for Destroyer’s Your Blues and Trouble In Dreams, and happens to be married to fellow Pornographer Dan Bejar) with your order. The design is pictured below. Get Guilty hit’s the world on January 20. Not even a week old and 2009 already has 2 incredible albums under its belt.