New Music - Schwervon!

Schwervon! is a New York couple (not trying to hide it or pass themselves off as brother & sister) who are preparing the release of their fourth album for Olive Juice Records, Low Blow. I haven’t heard any of the band’s older albums yet, but the urgency of Low Blow’s sound struck me immediately. A bunch of the songs here, “Balloon” or “Wake and Bomb” being a good examples, remind me of the hyperactive, edgy guitar rock of bands like late-period Sleater-Kinney and Deerhoof.

“Glasses On” is an exception to that comparison though. It’s a delightful little folk/pop song that starts off gentle and kind of stays that way. Matt Roth (guitar/vocals) and Nan Turner (drums/vocals) trade off verses and harmonize with one another beautifully as the song conveys a relationship’s minor frustrations. Though some of the songs hint towards the opposite, as this one does, I bet Roth and Turner are 2 happy cats in real life. Low Blow sounds like 2 people having fun making music together.

MP3 :: Glasses On
MP3 :: Balloon
(from Low Blow. Buy here)

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