Introducing: Aaron Young & His Nightjars

One of the most welcome musical surprises I’ve received lately was getting some new music in an unsolicited email from Aaron Young & His Nightjars. It seems these guys from Kalamazoo, MI, led by singer/songwriter Aaron Young (natch), are just getting started with their musical careers. There isn’t a heckuva lot of info over at the site - no tour dates, no album info, no promo pics, and no blog posts with band happenings or other minutia. They’ve only been on myspace since this past October. There’s just a quick bio stating, among a few other things, that most of the songs were written when Young wasn’t out catching birds! Becoming a fan of Aaron Young & His Nightjars today is truly getting in on the ground floor.

Simple metaphors about ground floors aside, “She’s Got Stripes” impressed me so much on first listen that I actually played the song 4 times in a row upon first hearing it before moving on to the next. It’s a simple acoustic shuffle with Young’s hushed, creaky voice mapping out some very subtle and pleasing melodies. Everything’s so easy-going you almost don’t even notice the violin and xylophone that sneak into the mix as the song ambles beautifully to its conclusion. “Two Steppin’” is a spry, catchy jaunt and the most immediate of their songs I’ve heard so far. I’m telling you, there have been a ton of cool new songs to hit the blog circuit so far this year, and Aaron Young & His Nightjars are fitting right in with the best of them. I’m excited to hear what these guys do as time goes on. Bitch hold onto your heart.

MP3 :: Two Steppin’
MP3 :: She’s Got Stripes
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Alex R. Cronk-Young said...

I knew about Aaron Young when he used to pick on me and push me over and I'd steal his Transformers toys. Do I get extra credit for being in on the secret before there was a secret??