[video] Jeff Tweedy sings "Fake Plastic Trees" with Johnny Marr & members of Radiohead

I know this was everywhere today, but OMF'NG!!! If you don't consider this one of the greatest videos in video history than I don't know what you're doing on my site....

In other news, Nonesuch Records is preparing a long awaited DVD release of a live Wilco performance. Ashes Of American Flags was recorded at last year's run of shows in Chicago where Tweedy and the boys touched on every song in the Wilco catalog over the course of several nights. It was filmed in part by Brendan Canty, formerly of Fugazi and currently behind the Burn To Shine video series. Look for it sometime in February or March.

Wilco is also busy recording their 7th studio album, which they have said will utilize studio trickery once again to bolster the songs. That's great news for those of us who prefer Summerteeth and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot to Sky Blue Sky. Of course, one never really knows exactly what to expect from a new Wilco studio recording, so until it drops you can find some footage of new songs over at YouTube and imagine the possibilities, or watch a performance of "Wilco The Song" from a few months ago on The Colbert Report. Yes, "Wilco The Song" is reportedly to be included on the new album. And the more I watch it the more that excites me - what a cool song despite its goofy self-referentiating. It's a song about the comforting nature of Wilco songs, and if you can't relate to that then you can go away.