[mp3] Bon Iver - "Blood Bank"

Now that Jagjaguwar has made available the title track to the new Bon Iver EP you can officially delete the crummy vinyl rip copy you've been listening to for about a month now. Blood Bank is a very much deserved curtain call for one of 2008’s biggest break-out success stories (and one of my favorites), the little album that could - For Emma, Forever Ago.

The 4 new songs find Justin Vernon dabbling with some new toys - droney piano chords on “Babys”, an entire song in Autotone (“Woods”), and a subtle full band (w/ electric guitar) on “Blood Bank”. But beyond the somewhat new sonics, what Blood Bank really does is remind us of just why we fell for Bon Iver in the first place - warm, honest, homespun melodies sung by a voice that can just flat out bring it.

Blood Bank is available in digital, CD and vinyl formats on January 20th from Jagjaguwar.

MP3 :: Blood Bank
(from Blood Bank EP. Buy here)

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