New Music - The Antlers

I know I said a few months back that I’d be posting here at PHW with a bit less frequency moving forward, but, musically speaking, 2009 has truly gotten off to a terrific start. The best part is that there’s more where this is coming from - there are 3 or 4 more songs that I've come across recently that I'm excited about and want to get up here when I get the time. The latest band to get a grip on my ears are The Antlers - a Brooklyn based ensemble led by singer-songwriter Peter Silberman. After nearly 2 years of work (and a handful of EPs) they are getting ready to self-release Hospice, the follow up to 2007’s In The Attic Of The Universe, on March 3. Based on the first 2 songs to surface via free download at their myspace, it’s one to keep an eye out for.

The first single, “Two”, has actually been circulating around various music blogs for a while now, and is a fine introduction to the melody driven folk rock The Antlers play. The winding, slow-building melody really blossoms if you put the song on repeat for 15 or 20 minutes (ironically, the song‘s key line is “this all bears repeating”). It seems to deal with the oncoming death of a friend. Dire subject matter indeed, but Silberman’s vocals, which start out in a delicate falsetto and, like the music, swell to an emotional peak, come across with warmth and compassion. “Bears” is equally as impressive structurally, with more of a soft/not-as-soft dynamic and a catchy chorus.

Check out the mp3s below, and if you get the chance you can catch The Antlers at Cake Shop on Jan. 22.

MP3 :: Two
MP3 :: Bears
(from Hospice. Info here)