New Music - The Wrens

This is amazing! No joke, I just listened to The Wrens 2003 classic The Meadowlands over the weekend. As the glorious final note of “This Is Not What You Had Planned” faded I thought about just how perfect the album is and if we’d ever get the chance to hear new material from the band. But knowing how infrequently The Wrens record, I figured it would be a long while, if ever. Excluding Portishead, The Wrens are about the furthest band in the world from ever being labeled prolific, with just 3 albums to their credit in their 20 (!) year history.

Tonight, just a mere few days after that, I got an email from Absolutely Kosher that announced that THE WRENS HAVE JUST BEGUN RECORDING THEIR FOURTH FULL LENGTH RECORD!!! You read that right folks. And to celebrate you can now purchase a live recording of a brand new song called “Pulled Fences” over at their website. The song is actually a first take, with 3 of the 4 members never having heard a note of the song beforehand. Actually, the song was recorded at Abbey Road studios, and, amazingly, was the first time since 1999 that all 4 members of The Wrens were in the same room playing music together. Apparently all the drum parts for The Meadowlands were tracked waaaaay before the album was officially released.

Anyway, here’s the first new Wrens material in 6 years - follow the link to their site, where the song is available for a measly $.99. It is also available at iTunes or Amazon.

MP3 :: Pulled Fences (link to purchase site)
(Recorded Live @ Abbey Road studios)


Anonymous said...

Haha..nice post. I dig the Wrens too...and they are playing at the Bowery Ballroom on the 13th of March. Should be killer...

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