The Black Keys - Free Live EP @ Myspace

Word is The Black Keys are offering an exclusive set of 4 live songs for free on their myspace. The Live E.P. finds Akron, Ohio’s finest purveyors of blistering blues-rock in fine rockin’ form, and touching on songs from each of their last 3 proper releases (there have been a smattering of singles/ep’s in between). The set features “No Trust” from 2003’s Thickfreakness, “Girl Is On My Mind” and an incendiary “10 A.M. Automatic” from 2005’s Rubber Factory, and “Elevator”, the closing track on their 2006 Nonesuch debut Magic Potion. For a band that seems to pride itself on being as in-your-face raw as possible these live songs pack quite the gut punch.

MP3 :: No Trust
MP3 :: Elevator
MP3 :: Girl Is On My Mind
MP3 :: 10 A.M. Automatic

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