Ryan Adams - Destroyer/Easy Tiger

A few weeks back I posted some live Ryan Adams songs from a 1999 performance at Nashville’s Exit/In. In the post I mentioned how I had never heard the infamous Destroyer album - an unreleased album recorded in the weeks prior to Heartbreaker and featuring many of the same musicians and songs. As I thought all along, the songs on Destroyer are extremely reminiscent of that album. Adams is in prime singer-songwriter mode throughout, singing mostly broken-hearted confessionals and sounding like he could toss off a hundred of these songs in a week if he wanted to. And maybe he did. Thanks SOOO much to the 2 readers who sent along copies - David & Marjorie Eastman, and another kind soul who sent along the mp3s whose name has slipped my memory. Oops. Maybe I have to hire a Pop Headwound secretary? Anyway, here are a few tracks from Destroyer (more info):

MP3 :: Hey There Mrs. Lovely
MP3 :: Nighttime Gals
MP3 :: The Poison & The Pain
MP3 :: Dreaming’s Free

And don’t forget, the next official Ryan Adams release, Easy Tiger, hits the streets via Lost Highway on June 26. After a few years of wild inconsistency (Cold Roses) and painful experimentation (29), the album is rumored to be a return to form (Stephen King says so), but my secret sources are telling me it is more of the over-produced, insignificant pap that Adams has churned out too much of since Heartbreaker. Pre-order it HERE and see for yourself. Or check out these 2 songs and see if you can remember what you listened to after they end. Owww, harsh.

MP3 :: Everybody Knows
MP3 :: Two (featuring Sheryl Crow)
(from Easy Tiger)

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Anonymous said...

Hey, you're very welcome for the tracks. I look forward to your opinion on Easy Tiger –- me, my jury's still out ...

And thanks for the exposure to David Vandervelde! Loving the track you posted.