Wilco & The National featured on AOL's Spinner

AOL's Spinner sent along word of some exciting things to be seen and heard for those of you into Wilco and The National. And really, who's not these days? With Wilco's Sky Blue Sky debuting at #4 on the Billboard 200 (and holding strong at #12 in week 2) and The National dropping one of the year's best reviewed records with Boxer, as well as selling out 5 straight nights at NY's Bowery Ballroom, it seems these bands have the world eating out of their hands right now. So to keep the promotional ball rolling, here's some video from the sessions:

Watch Wilco:

What Light

Hate It Here

Side With The Seeds

You Are My Face:

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Watch Wilco behind the scenes HERE

Here are the links to watch The National's Interface Session:

Mistaken For Strangers

Apartment Story

Slow Show

Start A War

See the rest of The National's Interface.

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