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A few months back I wrote about an online record label called 80H, home of Tunnel Motor, and the only label I can think of that allows for the free download of all its music. It is well worth your time to explore around their site and discover a hidden (free) gem - such as Number 1, I Love You’s “Kissalil’ Bit” (mp3).

They recently sent along word of a new 2-song single available from T.D. Reisert called “To Sleep the Sleep”. Reisert is clearly indebted to the midnight blues of Jason Molina (circa Songs: Ohia), as the song features only a plaintive electric guitar and Reisert’s shaky warble. Together with the quiet acoustic b-side “For How They Forget” Reisert evokes the sorrow that comes with an ending of something once beautiful. “We’ve had enough, we’ve had enough” he sings as the song limps to its close. Recorded in the fall of 2006, this stands as a farewell of three years spent in the desert, referencing how language and memory stand against time.

MP3 :: To Sleep The Sleep
MP3 :: For How They Forget
(from To Sleep The Sleep)

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