Jason Isbell - Sirens Of The Ditch

I mentioned this last week, but the long awaited Jason Isbell debut solo record, Sirens of the Ditch, will be released by New West Records on July 10. It will feature a song called “Dress Blues” that has gained a rabid popularity among fans over the past year and a half. If you don’t include yourself in that group check out the video down below. It started getting played during encores of Drive-By Truckers shows while Jason was still a member of that band sometime soon after the release of 2006’s A Blessing And A Curse.

The song continues the stunningly intimate and heartfelt writing that made Isbell’s addition to the Truckers an immediate hit among their core fans, as well as helping open them up to a much wider audience over the past 5 years. This version was recorded at Stubb’s in Austin, Texas in April of 2006. A simple “thanks” after probably making everyone in the room cry.


Pre-order Sirens Of The Ditch here

And here is the first legally released song from the album:

MP3 :: Chicago Promenade
(from Sirens Of The Ditch)

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