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I came across a few new songs today that I thought I'd share with y'all. First off is a new song from the forthcoming Kevin Drew album. For those who don't know, Drew is a member of one of those great Canadian bands you always hear about, Broken Social Scene. His debut solo album will be called, get this, Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew: Spirit If. Or something to that effect. We'll just go with Spirit If around here. The first released track is this dirty little ditty called "Tbtf" and shows mucho promise for the full length. The album is the first of a rumored series of Broken Social Scene Presents releases, with the next coming from Brendan Canning. Wonder why Feist's The Reminder wasn't a part of this? Hmm... anyway, all this from Arts & Crafts.

MP3 :: Tbtf
(from Spirit If)
Also on the bill is a new song from Dirty Projectors. Rise Above will come courtesy of the new Dead Oceans label, and was heavily influenced by Black Flag's punk classic Damaged. Dirty Projectors is the brain child of David Longstreth, who writes the songs, plays the guitar, and sings the voices (with some help). The album was produced by Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear, giving it the same wide open space of that band's acclaimed Yellow House from last year. Here is first single "No More":

MP3 :: No More
(from Rise Above)

Last week I came across this rocker from Lions In The Street over at Captain's Dead. Read his post here, and check out the song if you dig late 60's/early 70's Stones, Faces, etc. It's from their Cat's Got Your Tongue EP, which can be downloaded for free at their website.

(from Cat's Got Your Tongue)

And finally, here is a piano-rocker from New York based singer-songwriter Danny Ross. I was struck by the guy's bio more than his song - turns out that by day Danny Ross is a staffer for United States Congressman Jerrold Nadler. I don't know the first thing about the man's politics, but the song was catchy enough on first listen to throw into the post. His debut album Introducing Danny Ross! comes out real soon, and Ross will be throwing a record release party on June 30th at 8 P.M. at The Bitter End in NYC.

(from Introducing Danny Ross!)

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