New Music: Two Gallants, "The Scenery of Farewell" EP

On June 19 Saddle Creek duo Two Gallants will release a new EP entitled The Scenery of Farewell. The 5 song collection is the follow up to 2006’s acclaimed What The Toll Tells. It finds the band, known for their aggressive, electric live shows, in a more reflective mood. The all acoustic set was recorded on tape by Alex Newport at Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco. Playing 200 shows in 2006 left the band little time to rehearse these songs properly, as a result they were forced to use sound checks, radio sessions, and free moments on the road to develop them. The result is quite a cohesive set, the songs flowing seamlessly one into the next and maintaining a consistent mood throughout.

Opening track “Seems Like Home To Me” is a grand introduction to the Two Gallant sound. Adam Fontaine leads the song along with a piercing voice that soars high above the delicate acoustic guitar intro. He sounds somewhat out of place at first - like he’s way more excited to be singing than his band is to be playing along with him. The band gradually comes in over the course of the first minute and the levels balance out, turning the song into a mini-epic shout along about feeling more at home while on the road - a common idea that rings true because of the band’s bittersweet and authentic rending of the song.

MP3 :: Seems Like Home To Me
(from The Scenery of Farewell)

MP3 :: Las Cruces Jail
MP3 :: Waves of Grain
(from What The Toll Tells)

You can pre-order The Scenery of Farewell from Saddle Creek here for just $6.

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Wayne said...

I look forward to buying this EP. I am a big fan of Two Gallants. I don't know why some critics bashed their last album.