The Local Correspondents Music Festival

Bar 4, home of Brooklyn’s best open-mic night, has recently undergone a facelift. Coinciding with its grand re-opening (actually it never really closed, but whatever) the folks behind Local Correspondents are teaming up with Bar 4 to bring you the first ever Local Correspondents Music Festival. Four nights, 49 great up-and-coming Brooklyn/New York singer-songwriters, lots of beer and wine, and a friendly environment - what more could you ask for? How about the haunting artwork of Amy Shawley to darken the evenings. Her art will be on display and for sale throughout the festival in the bar.

Here’s the line-up:

Wednesday, June 27, starting at 7:30:

Jamie Rae
Michael Wagner
Mary Ellen Devaux
Tarrah Reynolds
Heidi Sidelinker
Jessi Robertson
Jonah Bleicher
Well Enough Folk Band
Johnny Marnell
The Human Problem
John Simonelli
No Lindsay

Thursday, June 28th, starting at 7:30:

Matthew Peverly
Willie Breeding
Kevin Johnston
Tanya Buziak
Frank Hoier
Paul Basile
David Shane Smith
Ivan Sandomire
Debe Dalton
Arthur Shepard

Friday, June 29th, starting at 7:30:

Peter Inc.
Sami Akbari
Keith Varick
Joe Wilson
Sean Han
Red Orange Morning
Zach Williams
Daniel Wayne
Matt Cranston
The Reverend John Delore
Mark Yodice
Austin Donahue

Saturday, June 30th, staring at 7:30:

Mikey Die
Lara Ewen
Bryan Dunn
Andy Mac
Casey Shea
Jeff Jacobson
The Picture
Matt Singer
Paula Valstein
Tom Hayes
Gene Back

And some assorted MP3’s from some of the artists:

MP3 :: Further North
(from Skeletons by Paul Basile)

MP3 :: Stacy J
(from Cross Pollination: The Mixtape, Vol. 1 - Matt Singer)

MP3 :: You Could Do Better
(by Wakey!Wakey!)

MP3 :: Her Song
(from Love Songs by David Shane Smith)

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