New MP3: Destroyer - "Dark Leaves Form A Thread"

I don’t need to understand WTF Dan Bejar is singing about to enjoy Destroyer. He’s made a very successful and respected indie-rock career based largely on riddled surrealism and self-referential inside jokes. In fact I understand very little of the man’s entire lyrical catalog - and frankly I’ve never spent a whole lot of time dissecting lyrics that veer more towards the non-linear and/or imagistic. Just gimme some loud guitars and a singer who means it and I’m good.

That being said, the second free and legal download from Trouble In Dreams is making its way around the blogosphere, and while it’s certainly one of the more immediate and straightforward indie-rock songs I’ve yet heard from Destroyer, I don’t know what the hell he’s getting on about. I do know though that he’s telling the truth, he says such to Susan at the song’s beginning, and he sounds like he means it (check). Loud guitars (check). Pitchfork tried to shed some light, but only made me more confused.

Trouble In Dreams comes out on Merge Records in 1 month (3/18). I’ve heard it. It’s good. Maybe not Rubies good, but good.

New MP3 :: Dark Leaves Form A Thread
MP3 :: Foam Hands
(from Trouble In Dreams. Info here)

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