Set Out Running

I’ve been really uninspired writing about new music lately. I’ve been guilty a few times of forcing the issue, and that’s just a waste of my time and yours. I can go to other blogs and sense when they’re on autopilot in a second, and I’m sure that’s the sense I’m giving off lately here too. So today, instead of scouring the internet looking for inspiration, I went for a run. And you know what? It can be goddamn cold out there this time of year. Too cold for running on any consistent basis. But every once in a while the fat rolls look a little too, ugh, prominent in the mirror, and it’s enough to get me up from this ratty old desk chair, charg up the endearingly outdated 2G iPod, and pound some frozen Brooklyn pavement. Today it did a body good. Good for the legs & lungs, good for the heart. And best of all, good for the ears. Plus, it was a hell of a day on the old shuffle - a stretch of songs that I haven’t heard in a long while, and may have convinced me to get back out there again real soon, just to see what comes next. Maybe though some good new music is just around the corner and I can keep warm with it instead.

MP3 :: City of Lakes - Matt Mays
MP3 :: Train - Uncle Tupelo
MP3 :: Molly’s Lips - Nirvana
MP3 :: Sundress - Buffalo Tom
MP3 :: Sour Grapes - The Honeydogs
MP3 :: 2nd Ave, 11A.M. - Ted Leo & The Pharmacists
MP3 :: Indianapolis - The Bottle Rockets
MP3 :: Down About It - The Lemonheads
MP3 :: Books About UFO’s - Husker Du
MP3 :: Fair Touching - Guided by Voices

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sssssssssstu said...

awesome. Tell me about the photo?