New Music - Hanne Hukkelberg

Check out the latest from charming Norwegian singer/songwriter Hanne Hukkleberg - a melodically fascinating track from her new album, Rykestrasse 68, which comes out March 4 in the U.S. “Cheater’s Armoury” is sweet and feminine and catchy and all, but to me it stands out for more than that. I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but there's forces at work here that are reminding me of Tom Waits - maybe it’s the delicately stomping kitchen sink percussion that‘s echoing something from Mule Variations. Maybe it’s the poetic way she’s calling out religious hypocrisy, though off the top of my head I can’t think of why that would remind me of Waits. Whatever it is though, the song houses a beautiful mix of disarming melody, weepy pedal steel, and some gentle, righteous, anything-goes percussion.

MP3 :: Cheater’s Armourey
(from Rykestrasse 68. Info here)


Anonymous said...

Hanne Hukkelberg is norwegian.

James said...

Correction made. Spank you very much.