Video: Wynn Walent & The Folks

Here’s another new video from local favorite of mine, Wynn Walent. The song, and this animated clip drawn by Bryan Figura, were inspired by a 2nd grader reading a poem in school on the 5 year anniversary of 9/11. The video tells the true story with appropriately childlike pictures - we can’t help but feel for the smiling girl as she proudly holds up her father’s FDNY helmet as a show and tell.

Upon Leaving, an EP collection of Walent’s songs recorded with his band The Folks, is available now and well worth seeking out.

MP3 :: Olivia, the Dear
MP3 :: A Question of Water
(from Upon Leaving. Buy here)

Wynn is about to embark on a full on tour of the U.S. Check him out when he plays your town.

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