New Music - Tapes n' Tapes

I’ll admit it - I got caught up in the hoopla over Tapes n’ Tapes 2 years ago. I went out and picked up The Loon based almost exclusively on the hype the band was generating. And for me the excitement lasted about a day and a half. That's when I realized the record was just a good work of tense, quirky, slightly askew indie rock. Something new, but not something great. It was clear it didn’t quite live up to some of the other internet driven sensations that came pretty soon before - namely Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Wolf Parade, and Arcade Fire.

While we’re still waiting for the sophomore effort from Wolf Parade, by now it’s popular belief that those other two bands didn’t quite live up the high standards set by their debuts (although Arcade Fire did come pretty dang close). Tapes n’ Tapes will try to change that with the David Fridmann produced Walk It Off, coming out April 8th via XL Recordings. “Hang Them All” is an exciting first single, certainly enough to get the anticipation up for the full length. Here it is in lovely 320 kbps for all you audiophiles out there, and for the really picky the band has a flac version available at their site. What the fluck is a flac anyway?

MP3 :: Hang Them All
(from Walk It Off. Info here or here)


Anonymous said...

yay! thank you muchly!

its just a phase said...

I was reading the post perfectly normal entirely the entirely brilliant quote "What the fluck IS a flac anyway?"
Im afraid my friend i have no idea, nor will i ever. However i know that many people seem OBSESSED with them and cry when things are not flac.
Anyway! mp3 is fine thankyou very much : )
Kind regards
What the fluck is a flac anyway?