The Superfantastics :: Choose Your Destination

The music of The Superfantastics, a fresh-faced young duo from Halifax, Nova Scotia, can only be described as power-pop. Along the same line as some of the classic forebears of the genre - Big Star and Teenage Fanclub - The Superfantastics excel at memorably blissed-out, guitar heavy jams that you’ll find yourself inevitably providing poor harmony for (re: you’ll be singing along). Just remember to turn them up and keep yourself down.

Their new EP, Choose Your Destination, is 5 exceedingly catchy songs (about 13 minutes when all is said and done) that show a great sense of melody and tight, spirited songcraft. The EP is the follow up to their critically acclaimed 2006 debut, Pop-Up Book.

MP3 :: Turn On Me
(from Choose Your Destination. Buy here)

You can hear a whole bunch more at their myspace, natch. Upcoming tour dates for Eastern Canada there as well.

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