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Last year Deerhunter couldn’t keep themselves out of the indie-rock headlines. The attention came both for the positive (the strength of the Cryptograms LP and subsequent Fluorescent Grey EP) and negative - some misguided and seriously f*cked up posts over at the band’s blog by lead singer Bradford Cox. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you might want to leave it that way. The distraction probably cost the band a lot of year end attention, as their albums placed very well on a few best-of-the-year lists, but was ignored by a large portion of the blogging world.

A new year has brought a new album, this one from Cox’s lifelong solo project, Atlas Sound. So far the attention the album has been getting has been based on the music, as it should be. Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel scales back on the nervy, droning freak outs of Cryptograms, veering more towards the structured sounds of the Fluorescent Grey EP in mood and tone. It houses a combination of nuanced, near-ambient instrumental sound-scapes and mellow, bass-heavy psyche-pop nuggets - both mixing haunted machine made sounds with haunting human emotion. It may not be a complete departure from his work with Deerhunter, but there are signs of growth and maturity here and some beautiful cascading melodies that demand repeated listens.

MP3 :: River Card
MP3 :: Quarantined
(from Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel. Buy here)

Fans of Atlas Sound are a lucky bunch, as the same blog that was so notorious last year has seen the release of numerous additional free songs and EPs over the past few months. The Orange Ohms Glow EP has been up since earlier this month and is well worth checking out - 5 more new songs and a Joe Meek cover - all recorded alone by Cox.

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