New Music - Earl Pickens

I’ve been a fan of Earl Pickens for a while now. I’ve been charmed by his quirky homemade videos, entertained by his on-stage showmanship, and impressed with the way he knocks out some of the best country-pop songs going with ease. The guy has a shit ton of talent, and if his songs were heard by the right folks he would probably be a very rich man.

Nothing though prepared me for “True Too” - a gorgeous new folk song streaming at his myspace that was recently recorded live. It’s him taking it to the HNL - Ho’ Nutha Levah. The song isn’t available anywhere yet for sale, and there is no word yet if he’s recording the follow-up to last year’s Turn On The Radio EP - but you can bet when he does that this song could get him a lot of attention. Listen.

Stream :: True Too

And while you're at it (and if you haven't already) be sure to check out the (semi) title track to the last year's EP:

MP3 :: Can I Turn On The Radio?
(from Turn On The Radio. Buy here)

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