New Music - Samamidon

The more I listen to this new record from Samamidon, All Is Well, the more impressed I become. At times reminiscent of Damien Jurado circa 2003’s quiet, haunting Where Shall You Take Me?, the album is a covers collection of American folk songs from the public domain. Samamidon sings in his trademark hushed style throughout, and is accompanied by tastefully arranged strings and horns to go along with the delicate acoustics and piano. The sound is very much not “well”, as the title suggests - it’s full of pain and despair - including “Saro”, a beautifully produced immigration tale (sometimes known as “Pretty Saro”) that may in fact date back to 1749 despite mentioning 1849 in the lyric. Roger McGuinn has more info about the song’s history. Bedroom Community has released the album (it’s out now) and if you enjoy the traditional folk genre you may not hear better music this year.

MP3 :: Saro
(from All Is Well. Buy here)

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