Bill Hicks - "Play From Your Heart" / "Great Times On Drugs"

On a day when I’m home sick and feeling pretty crappy I thought I’d share some comedy with you from the late great Bill Hicks - certainly a comedian who lived the rock ’n roll lifestyle if there ever was one. I first heard the man’s work - equal parts shock value hysterics, biting social critiques, and cathartic soul baring - on a compilation CD from Uncut Magazine way back earlier this decade. The mp3 here - “Great Times On Drugs” - is, let’s just say, true for many. Seriously funny shit, just don't play them if you're at work.

MP3 :: Great Times On Drugs
(originally from The Best Of Bill Hicks: Philosophy. Buy here)

And from an album that is certainly deserving of its own post (note to self) here is a tribute to Hicks from Ed Hamell, aka Hamell On Trial - a hero of the New York’s anti-folk scene. The song “Bill Hicks” appears on his terrific 2000 album Choochtown.

MP3 :: Bill Hicks
(from Choochtown. Buy here)

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