New Music - Hallelujah the Hills

Boston band Hallelujah the Hills released their debut last year, Collective Psychosis Begone, through Misra Records. Despite being a somewhat uneven collection, the album wound up housing one of my favorite songs of 2007 in the song that actually gets its name from the band. Or vice versa. “Hallelujah the Hills” has kept, er, Hallelujah the Hills both on my radar and on my playlists for almost a year now.

Last month the band released a new FREE EP through their website. The 7 tracks that make up Prepare To Qualify once again display the band’s penchant for very skewed pop songs with memorable melodies and creative arrangements. “Monster Eyes”, is a lo-fi folk waltz and an instant standout. The song itself is a collaboration with best-selling author Jonathon Lethem. The music was written by the band around lyrics from his latest novel, You Don’t Love Me Yet.

MP3 :: Monster Eyes
(from Prepare To Qualify EP. Download the rest here)

Bonus MP3 :: Hallelujah the Hills
(from Collective Psychosis Begone. Buy here)

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