Catching Up w/ New Music

I’m not a youtube junkie like so many people. Usually it’s my brother who passes on “must see” videos. I first saw this one last summer, and today I thought I’d throw it in an unrelated post for your viewing pleasure. Over 30,000,000 people with 9 free minutes to spare have watched “Battle For Kruger”, but if you are one of the ones who hasn’t yet, now is your chance. It’s long, but give it time. 30,000,000 people can’t be wrong.

Here’s an attempt to catch up and post a bunch of songs that have been waiting patiently in my inbox for me to get around to. I’m only one guy here at PHW so I can’t get to everything, but these songs are all worth checking out - and some are quite good. Maybe you’ll find a little gem that I should have given a proper write up….

MP3 :: Couch On Fire
(from Boo And Boo Too EP by Boo And Boo Too)

MP3 :: Odds And Ends
(from Colonies by Canon Blue)

MP3 :: Paper Float
(from Small Time Machine by Cassettes Won’t Listen)

MP3 :: Everybody Here Is A Cloud
(from Feel Good Ghosts by Cloud Cult)

MP3 :: Coming Down The Hill
(by El Perro del Mar)

MP3 :: Westward Bound
(from Lander’s Peak by The Fairline Parkway)

MP3 :: Dog Years
(from Ghetto Cross 7’’ by Ghetto Cross)

MP3 :: Out of School
(from Housewifelovers by HouseWifeLovers)

MP3 :: End Result
(from 12 Crass Songs by Jeffrey Lewis)

MP3 :: Cinco de Mayo
(from Entropy by King of Spain)

MP3 :: The Good Old Days
(from Life Is Sweet by The Lodger)

MP3 :: Come On Feet
(from Little Death by Pete And The Pirates)

MP3 :: Right
(from Shooting Spires by Shooting Spires)

MP3 :: Cacophony
(from O by Tilly & The Wall)

MP3 :: Highway Robbery
(from Unicycle Loves You by Unicycle Loves You)

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