[mp3] Brendan Canning - "Hit the Wall"

Last year Kevin Drew released the wordily titled Broken Social Scene Presents: Kevin Drew - Spirit If… to solid reviews, even if most fans saw it for what it was. Which, truth be told, was basically the next Broken Social Scene album, minus lead vocals from the other guys, part timers, and side men (and woman). Spirit If was spirited, sloppy, sexual, and, like the prior BSS outings, overlong - in essence encapsulating everything that made Broken Social Scene special in the first place. It was also, arguably, a more marketable release. Despite featuring most of the usual BSS contributors, it put Drew’s boyish good looks and laid back regular-dude persona front and center, revealing a likable front man from out of this near-anonymous collective.

Following its success comes the second release of this new series. Occasional BSS lead vocalist Brendan Canning, a founding member of the group, will drop his solo debut, Something For All Of Us, on July 22. It comes via Arts & Crafts (home of Drew, Feist, and now Constantines, among others) as well. First single “Hit The Wall” is a dense, robotic rocker led by a driving rhythm and an repetitive electric guitar riff that, like the song, begins murky and gradually builds in intensity. In fact, if not for Canning’s buried, breathy vocals, the last 2 minutes of this song could almost be described as anthemic. Though not nearly as distinct as the best songs from Spirit If, “Hit The Wall” is competent indie-rock, even becoming quite memorable as it evolves towards its explosive ending.

MP3 :: Hit The Wall
(from Something For All Of Us. Info here)

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