The Hold Steady get Stay Positive ready

But forget to include "Ask Her For The Adderall"?

So by now you’ve probably heard (via Pitchfork or Stereogum or wherever) that, in addition to being called Stay Positive, the new Hold Steady album has a tracklist (see below) and a street date (July 15, Vagrant). It’ll be interesting to see if the band can continue their string of great records after releasing one of the decade’s best rock albums (Separation Sunday - 2005) and a damn fine follow up that catapulted them to the indie-rock A-list (Boys & Girls In America - 2006). I don’t mean to be negative here, but by a quick first look at the track list I’m not sure if Stay Positive will be quite as great as it potentially could be. No “Ask Her For The Adderall”? They’ve been playing this song live for a while now and it kills (I know, I was there) - so how could it not make the cut? Has it got a new name? Someone, please fill me in….

Stay Positive:

Constructive Summer
Sequestered in Memphis
One for the Cutters
Navy Sheets
Lord, I'm Discouraged
Yeah Sapphire
Both Crosses
Stay Positive
Joke About Jamaica
Slapped Actress

And yeah, that Craig Finn press release is pretty great: Possibly the most exciting aspect of our band is the community of fans that have followed us around the country. In talking to them, we have found that no matter their ages, they are so much like us as people, that they seem at times an extension of the music. A great American philosopher named D. Boon once said "Our band could be your life." I think that is true. But "Your Life could be Our Band" is also a true statement. I know this because we have lived it. These are our lives. These are your lives. This is our fourth record. Stay Positive.
Here are more videos of new songs to keep you positive until July:

“Lord, I’m Discouraged”

“Joke About Jamaica”

“Sequestered In Memphis”


MP3 :: The Swish
(from Almost Killed Me. Buy here)

MP3 :: Your Little Hoodrat Friend
(from Separation Sunday. Buy here)

MP3 :: Stuck Between Stations (Live on the Current)
(originally from Boys & Girls In America. Buy here)

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