[mp3] South San Gabriel - "Trust To Lose"

South San Gabriel has always been a decidedly more low-key affair than Will Johnson’s primary songwriting outlet - the feedback soaked hard indie-folk of Centro-Matic. You are most likely aware at this point that we are mere months away from the release of both project’s split LP, Dual Hawks. A few weeks ago the first of the Centro-Matic contributions made their way online, and now comes the first glimpse at what we can expect from SSG.

“Trust To Lose” begins cautiously, with a vaguely Middle-Eastern violin giving way to simple acoustic strums and Will Johnson’s gruff voice. An unlikely choice for a first single, the song rambles on gently for a little over 2 minutes before just kind of fading out, no doubt seamlessly into whatever track follows on the record. And that’s the way, if history is to repeat, the SSG side of Dual Hawks will most likely play out - songs that don’t necessarily impress for their individuality so much as their strength in numbers.

MP3 :: Trust To Lose
(from Dual Hawks. Info here)

And just in case you haven’t heard this one yet:

MP3 :: I, The Kite
(from Dual Hawks. Centro-Matic side)

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