Suicide (don't do it)

I doubt much of the world knew what to do with Suicide when they emerged from the New York art-rock scene of the 1970s with their self-titled debut. A deliberately confrontational mix of punk, synth-pop, rockabilly, early-industrial, and electronica, all infused with a sinister punk rock attitude, the album still sounds as fresh in 2008 as it must have been confusing in 1977. Suicide, a caustic mix of Martin Rev’s organs & synthesizers, throbbing bass lines, eerie sound effects, and Alan Vega’s breathy croon, was a huge influence on post-punk and new wave bands throughout the 80’s. And it seems unlikely on first listen, but it helped shape Bruce Springsteen’s classic Nebraska as well (with their shared Frankies and Johnnies, not to mention the post-Vietnam desperation). The New York band’s stripped down sound doesn’t seem to have much in common on first listen with the Boss’ 4-track acoustic masterpiece, but close listening reveals a striking similarity in theme, character, and mood between the two. Get caught up with this often-overlooked classic.

MP3 :: Cheree
(from Suicide. Buy here)

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