PHW Album of the Month - 5/08

I know it’s originally from 1984, but the most essential album (re)released this month is The Replacements’ classic Let It Be. Call me crazy, but I just felt like spicing things up here at PHW this month. That, and Nouns and Santogold are good, but not album of the month good. I did bitch a little about the shortage of bonus material (which got some very interesting feedback from none other than Mats producer Peter Jesperson himself), which certainly had the potential to be more generous, but the album itself is one of my all time favorites and has never sounded better. Let It Be is the culmination of The Replacements’ early Twin Tone years and, more so than any of their albums before or after, captures the searing “power trash”, beer-breath spirit, and poignant Paul Westerberg songwriting of the band at their best.

MP3 :: Unsatisfied
MP3 :: Perfectly Lethal (Bonus Track)
(from Let It Be. Buy here)


January :: Drive-By Truckers - Brighter Than Creation’s Dark
February :: Beach House - Devotion
March :: Fuck Buttons - Street Horsssing
April :: Frightened Rabbit - The Midnight Organ Fight

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Joe said...

Dude! Thanks so much, "Lethal High" was stuck in my head all day. You are my hero.