PHW Album of the Month - 4/08

Frightened Rabbit released my favorite album of the month of April. There’s little question about that as it has dominated my personal listening for the past 3 weeks, although I did give some thought to Attack & Release and Kensington Heights as well. After February and March’s favorites it’s nice to see the rock bands getting some love again.

The Midnight Organ Fight is a pained documentation of the “frustrated male” - which is the one recurring theme that ties this expansive, but never long, record‘s 14 tracks together. The “organ” of the album title doesn’t refer to a musical instrument by the way, but some combative contact between the male/female fun parts, as “Fast Blood” makes perfectly clear. Sexual references abound throughout - “The Twist” is a sad, desperate cry for some female attention (and again, the title isn‘t referring to the dance), and “Keep Yourself Warm” recognizes that that kind of disposable Mclovin’ is only a short term cure for loneliness. Other highlights include “The Modern Leper” - a thesis statement in self-loathing, “I Feel Better” - it’s mirror image, and “Head Rolls Off” - the sparkling first single. But every song on Frightened Rabbit’s sophomore album bristles with real emotion, memorable hooks, and tight musicianship. 14 songs and not a bad apple among them. Loud guitars and a singer who means it. Go get this one.

MP3 :: The Modern Leper
(from The Midnight Organ Fight. Buy here)

And here’s that official video again for “Heads Roll Off”:


And another great album track, “Old Old Fashioned”, performed acoustic in a radio session:


Band pic from Lazy Eye Photos

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Wayne said...

I agree. This album is great. I love it. Probably number 3 so far this year behind Visiter and Trouble in Dreams.