New Sounds Goin' Round....

The Pedaljets first intended to release their self-titled second album way back in 1989, but weren’t happy with how it came out so didn’t. Now, nearly 20 years later and with the help of some modern studio manipulations, the record has been dusted off and is set for release on May 6 through OxBlood Records. “Agnes Mind” is the first single and recalls both the 80s underground it was originally intended for as well as modern Americana.

MP3 :: Agnes Mind
(from Pedaljets. Buy here)

“Autobahn” by Sinkane has no relation other than name to the Kraftwerk song. It is though a musically fluid and hypnotic track that’s meant for widescreen listening. It’s easy to imagine the singer walking through a vast open space, alone, with the cliché of shooting stars streaking the night sky overhead.

MP3 :: Autobahn
(from Color Voice. Buy here)

Pitchfork recently bestowed the title of Best New Music to The Airing of Grievances, the new one from New Jersey’s Titus Andronicus. So that should help them out. “No Future” is a cracklin’ epic that matches the bleakness of its title with a whirlwind of grimy electric guitars doing battle with lead singer Patrick Stickles’ gruff vocals.

MP3 :: No Future
(from The Airing of Grievances. Buy here)

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