[video] The Mountain Goats - "Sax Rohmer"

Heretic Pride was a welcome return to form for The Mountain Goats after the disappointing Get Lonely. It finds John Darnielle back on top of his game with a collection of emotionally bruised songs almost as direct as those from The Sunset Tree. Like that album did in 2005, Heretic Pride is finding itself slowly rising among my favorite albums released thus far in 2008. Lead single “Sax Rohmer #1” is a tense declaration of intent - I am coming home to you if it’s the last thing that I do. Don’t forget to leave the light on.

But with the white suits, scribbled lyrics on the walls, and lines like every moment points toward the aftermath that make up this dizzyingly circular video, Darnielle’s earnestness can easily be mistaken for a slight emotional imbalance - this welcome return leading to its own sad end.

MP3 :: Sax Rohmer #1
(from Heretic Pride. Buy here)

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