Deer Tick Do Daytrotter

I hadn't perused around Daytrotter for a few weeks before last week's post on the Tapes 'n Tapes session, but now that I've caught up a bit with their recent guests I thought I'd mention this one. After dropping one of the best debut records of 2007 with the mostly jangly, occasionally heavy, psyche-folk and soul of War Elephant, as well as touring the hell out of the U.S., you’d think Deer Tick would spend some time re-grouping and planning their next move. And you’d be wrong. Already this year the band has impressed by covering a Top 40 radio hit and now comes a terrific session they did recently for Daytrotter. Singer/songwriter/owner-of-a-vintage-60s-styled rock and roll voice John McCauley and his band ran through 4 songs - 2 from War Elephant and 2 previously unreleased. For the uninitiated, I’d recommend checking out the 2 mp3s below from the album first. For those in the know, here are links to the new tracks:

MP3 :: Ashamed / Baltimore Blues No. 1
(Live from Daytrotter. Originally on War Elephant)

MP3 :: Little White Lies / The Ghost
(Live From Daytrotter. Previously Unreleased)

MP3 :: Dirty Dishes
MP3 :: Diamond Rings 2007
(from War Elephant. Buy here)

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