ABKCO Catalog Now Available @ emusic

If the age old hypothesis is true - that you can’t like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones equally - then chalk me up as a Stones guy. Not to say anything negative about the Fab Four, but the street grittiness and folk/blues/rock n’ roll influence of early and mid-period Stones always appealed to me more so than The Beatles cuter, studio-perfected pop genuis. I’m just saying.

So you can imagine I’m tickled pink right now because of what I just saw as I was browsing around over at eMusic - the very best online mp3 hub just landed a pretty sweet deal. How about the ABKCO catalog? The 60’s home of The Rolling Stones, Sam Cooke, ? & The Mysterians, and Herman’s Hermits, among others. I haven’t checked, but I don’t know if this stuff is even over at iTunes. And if it is you should still get it at emusic because iTunes is stupid. Does iTunes offer 25 or sometimes 50 FREE downloads for joining? Nope! Is iTunes DRM-free? Nope!

My monthly downloads just reset the other day, so this weekend I’ll be browsing through a few Stones Singles Compilations looking for old b-sides I’ve never heard before. Then maybe I’ll move myself into some Sam Cooke, who, other than a few of his bigger hits, I’ve never really listened to much. Very exciting indeed.

MP3 :: Memo From Turner
(from Metamorphosis. Available from EMUSIC)

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