Thank You Mercury Lounge Box Office Girl

That was awesome tonight how you told me when I called that the Constantines were on at 10:00, when really they were on at 8:30. I thoroughly enjoyed spending a combined 2 and 1/2 hours riding the subway in and out of the city to miss the show I've been waiting to see for 2 months. I'd actually prefer to be venting here about this mistake than writing up a nice little review of what I'm sure was a kickass show.

Sarcasm aside, I very easily could have checked the website, but I decided I wanted to get the word straight from a human. I asked you, Box Office Girl, what I thought was a very simple question - "what time do the Constantines go on tonight?" - apparently I should have been clearer in what I meant. You see, I wanted to know what time they would begin playing their music, not what time they would end.

I understand things can get hectic. I understand brain farts. I understand sometimes people have trouble reading from a schedule, even when it is their job to be able to do so. I was just really disappointed to miss this show. I will give your venue the benefit of the doubt - I've seen many shows there over the years and most have been pretty good (despite the spotty sound and cramped space). But please try harder in the future to be better at your job.

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