Frightened Rabbit - The Midnight Organ Fight

Frightened Rabbit are a band from Glascow, Scotland - birthplace of my paternal grandfather. He was one of 9 children (the only boy!) and when he emigrated in the mid-1920s to New York he left about half of his sisters behind. Which means of course that I probably have dozens of first and second cousins still living over there that I’ll never meet. I’d like to imagine them all rocking out at a Frightened Rabbit show, championing a band they knew 2 or 3 years ago was destined for bigger things. Their new sophomore record, The Midnight Organ Fight, was just digitally released by Fat Cat Records and seems to be just the record to make that a reality on these shores.

People seem to be using The Twilight Sad as a reference point in describing Frightened Rabbit, which is fair I guess being that they share a homeland, as well as a similar tension and drama inherent in their music. To me The Midnight Organ Fight seems a perfect soundtrack to that gritty industrial city I’ve never seen - songs with bad teeth, whiskey breath, and minimum wage filled pockets. Songs covered in smog that kick and snort with a smile. Songs with loud guitars and a singer who means it. It’s available over at emusic and is well worth checking out. I have a feeling this could wind up near the top of many indie-rock year-end best of lists, including mine.

MP3 :: The Modern Leper
(from The Midnight Organ Fight. Buy here)

And the video for “Heads Roll Off”:


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