[mp3] Eugene Francis Jr - "Beginners"

A few weeks ago I posted the hypnotic first single from Eugene Francis Jr's The Golden Beatle, along with an awesome pic involving an Indian headdress and a Captain America sheild. The latest single, “Beginners”, is a livelier effort than the more melodic “Poor Me”, and it sports a line where he somehow pulls off rhyming “bizarre” with “Pisa” (as in The Leaning Tower of…). The first few seconds are sounding an awful lot like some old, ragged Marah song - the electric guitar Francis plays practically mimicking the banjo that kicks “Faraway You” into high gear. Then those bedroom synths kick in and send “Beginners” in a completely different direction - pure indie-pop that hits the spot.

MP3 :: Beginners
(from The Golden Beatle. Buy here)

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