[bootleg] The Replacements - "Simply Unacceptable"

To follow up the recent Gold Soundz post on The Replacements I thought I’d share this widely circulated bootleg from 1985. Commonly known as Simply Unacceptable, it was recorded in the band’s hometown of Minneapolis, MN on July 1, 1985, right at the crossroads that separated the early years (Twin Tone/Bob Stinson) from the later years (Sire/Slim Dunlap). Of course, not much changed about The Replacement’s live shows over their careers. I was too young and got into them too late to ever see a show, but I know people who did who say the shows were either rock and roll epiphanies or the band’s “dysfunctions” made you want to walk out. This one would fall under the former. Simply Unacceptable is the band in top form playing reckless, inspired versions of their own songs along with a handful of choice covers. Enjoy…

MP3 :: Never Been To College
MP3 :: Bastards of Young
MP3 :: Gary’s Got A Boner
MP3 :: Color Me Impressed
MP3 :: I’ll Buy
MP3 :: Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out
MP3 :: Unsatisfied
MP3 :: Punk Poop (aka 1977)
MP3 :: Jean Genie
MP3 :: Can’t Hardly Wait
MP3 :: Dose of Thunder
MP3 :: The Man Who Invented Himself
MP3 :: I Wanna Destroy You
MP3 :: I Will Dare
MP3 :: Little Mascara
MP3 :: Left of the Dial
MP3 :: Take Me Down To The Hospital
MP3 :: Takin’ A Ride
MP3 :: I’m In Trouble
MP3 :: Rattlesnake
MP3 :: Hitchin’ A Ride
MP3 :: Customer
MP3 :: Kids Don’t Follow


bob said...

i thank you from the center of my black heart.

a Tart said...

omg, just wow.... wow, thanks

Nigel said...

This looks like a great show, but the tracks I DL only play for about 15 seconds. Help?