New Music - Neva Dinova

The Saddle Creek / Team Love partnership has already yielded more than their fair share of solid releases this year. Between terrific new albums from Flowers Forever, Tokyo Police Club, The Felice Brothers, and A Weather (which I haven’t gotten around to posting about yet, but mean to) the labels have been in heavy rotation around here for the better part of 2008. Add this new one to the list - You May Already Be Dreaming by new Saddle Creek signees Neva Dinova.

The founding members of Neva Dinova, singer/songwriter/guitarist Jake Bellows and bassist Heath Koontz, have been playing together for almost 20 years now. Their new record is full of lush, gauzy, drug-referencing folk-rock that keeps things on the melancholic tip, although doesn’t hesitate to rock out in a few choice places. The windswept open space in the music and provocative lyrics bring to mind many of their fellow Omaha-ans, and proves that this artist/label team should be a perfect match for years to come.

MP3 :: Clouds
(from You May Already Be Dreaming. Buy here)

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